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Current Projects

ANCEFA is currently implementing five projects with total budget of US$1,901,962. Partners that are supporting the projects include the following: GCE, IBIS, OSISA, OSI and Save the Children ,Sweden as well as ANCEFA members..

Civil Society Education Fund PROJECT

The CSEF project has been funded from 2009 through the FTI –coordinated Education Program Development Fund (EPDF). The total global grant for three years is US$17.6 million. Globally the project is managed by the GCE. Regional project activities in Africa are coordinated by ANCEFA, with support from OXFAM, as the finance management agency (FMA). The goal of CSEF is to “provide support for the core work of national education coalitions (NECs) so that they can fully engage in the development of education sector programs with governments and donors and track the progress of national governments sand local donor groups working towards EFA goals”.

In addition, CSEF was also aimed to “put in place by the end of three year period, national civil society education funds that are legally registered and have the independence and credibility to attract in-country donor support”. For these objectives to be achieved, the NECS were assisted to develop tailored proposals with strategies and activities illustrating how the objectives could be achieved. In addition, ANCEFA in collaboration with OXFAM and GCE monitored implementation of projects in beneficiary countries.

Real World Strategies (RWS) II PROJECT

RWS II Project is a capacity building project that aims at empowering civil society organisations to effectively engage strategic stakeholders in education to deliver on inclusive, quality education for all. Funding for the project is from the Dutch government, but grants are managed by the GCE in collaboration with regional networks such as ANCEFA.

The project implementation started in 2006. RWS interventions are aimed at achieving increased funding allocations for education, enhancing public expenditure monitoring, exerting pressure on governments to enforce legal provisions for education, promoting quality education, improving enrolment in basic education levels, and establishing and strengthening the capacity of civil society networks.

Inclusive Education (IE) PROJECT

The Inclusive Education project is being implemented in partnership with Save the Children, Sweden. The main goal of the project activities is to advance the right to education for disabled children as a priority in decision makers’ agendas at both the national and regional levels. The project has three objectives.

The first one is to build champions among education parliamentarians and journalists for quality and inclusive education for excluded and marginalized children in West Africa.

The second objective is to set up a West Africa Monitoring mechanism for tracking conventions, policies and budgets related to child rights and in particular to education for girls and children in special needs.

The third objective is to create synergies between NGOs, civil society networks, parliamentarians and press associations advocating for quality education for excluded and marginalized children in West Africa. Key planned strategies include capacity building workshops on inclusive education for civil society, MPs, and journalists, as well as advocacy activities at ECOWAS level and national level in three target countries of Senegal, Burkina Faso and the Gambia.

Girls Education Campaign (GEC) Project

The focus of the Girls Education project is getting and keeping girls in school with funding from IBIs in the framework of its Africa against Poverty Program. The project aims at strengthening civil society’s voice on issues that have a direct impact on poverty and justice through support to south-south and north-south alliances for advocacy at the international, regional and national level.

Target countries for 2010 were Liberia and Sierra Leone. The main activities are to support coalition complete their poverty research, including design and implement the advocacy part of the project, by engaging parliamentarians and media houses on key findings.

Civil Society Capacity Strengthening Project

The capacity strengthening project for ANCEFA member coalitions is being implemented with support from Tides Foundation/Wellspring Advisors. The objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of education campaign coalitions in fragile states and parliamentarians in West African Region to adopt a more vibrant strategy that can bring pressure to bear to on governments to take action for the full implementation of the Education for All (EFA) Goals.

In WCA, the project’s key activities are to support coalition building in three countries, to conduct budget tracking workshop with parliamentarians and journalists in selected countries and to organize a regional workshop on inclusive education.

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