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ADEA Triennale 2012 , Ougadouguou,12- 17 February 2012

ADEA Triennale 2012 on Education and Training for sustainable development in Africa : Consultative Forum of the private sector, the socio-professional organizations and NGOs

1. The goal of the 2012 Triennale is to design and develop systems and measures for acquiring critical knowledge, skills and qualifications that will help the continent meet the challenges of its future development. To achieve this, it will be necessary for the preparatory process to involve all the stakeholders concerned, to the greatest possible extent. Naturally this means the national, sub-regional and regional officials responsible for education and training policies, together with the economic, professional and social players involved in the design, management and implementation of these policies, and stakeholders in civil society. ADEA has thus decided that the process to prepare for Ouagadougou 2012 will be a dynamic one,encouraging the most active participation possible of all stakeholders concerned.

Context and Rationale

2. Analysis of schemes aimed at developing technical and vocational skills in the various countries of the African continent highlights the essential role played by economic, professional and social stakeholders, both in the design of training and qualification policies, and their practical implementation. The Maputo Biennale emphasised the need for these stakeholders to be considered as full partners of the public authorities, from the identification of skill needs and mapping of occupational profiles and training curricula to accreditation and certification at the end of skills development processes. The Biennale concluded that young people had the best chance of entering the world of work if they acquired knowledge, skills and qualifications through schemes developed and managed by partners working together. It also noted that, in the very great majority of countries, the private sector was the main developer and provider of skills,far ahead of the public sector.

3. The 2012 Triennale continues the work started at the Maputo Biennale. To this end. ADEA seeks to involve representatives of the private sector (employers’ federations and companies, sector associations, crafts organisations and organisations bringing together different categories of employees) as well as those of the NGOs in the process of preparing for the Ouagadougou meeting.

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