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Record 28.5 Billion US Dollars Pledged for Global Education

Brussels, June 26, 2014 — The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Replenishment Conference organised in Brussels on 26th June, 2014 attended by some ANCEFA National Coalitions, received new pledges of more than US$28.5 billion in additional funding for education for millions of children in more than 60 developing countries.

According to GPE, this unprecedented outcome, which seals billions of additional dollars from both donor and recipient countries, was driven by extraordinary commitments by 27 developing countries to increase their own education budgets by US$26 billion, which represents an increase of 25 per cent between 2015-2018. These funds will boost the education resources available to tens of millions of children in developing countries.
More details read:
You can also read the Statement by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) on the Replenishment by downloading the file below.

(PDF, 53.6 kb, Julho de 2014)

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