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The Africa Network Campaign on Education For All (ANCEFA) was born in May 19 th 2000 in Abuja and following the acknowledgement of African civil society lack of preparation for contributing effectively and in an organized way to the Education For All (EFA) process.

Our vision and our mission constitute the foundation of our strategic direction, which consists in fighting against illiteracy through a positive influence on educational policies and practices at national and international levels, especially as regards Education For All (EFA) goals towards 2015, on the one hand, and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), on the other hand.

Today, ANCEFA operates in 34 African countries through national coalitions engaged in Education and human rights in general.

The Vision and the Mission of ANCEFA are based on six fundamental values including:

Respect:We respect the dignity, the potential and the contribution of members, donors, partners and staff.

Integrity: Our actions are carried out in accordance with our mission statement and with honesty and transparency; we take charge of our collective and individual actions.

Professionalism and Excellence: We are permanently challenging ourselves to reach the highest levels of apprenticeship and performance and achieve a more significant impact, while keeping our autonomy and promoting solidarity.

Inclusiveness: We endeavour to promote inclusiveness and respect of diversity in the achievement of our work.

Active Commitment: Our effectiveness depends on our active commitment. Full members of ANCEFA and their representatives are proactively committed as supporters, popularizers, promoters and Education ambassadors in their own organisations, networks and in education overall.

Neutrality: In order to maintain the trust of Members and other Education stakeholders, ANCEFA does not develop collective positions or take a stand as regards controversial issues of political, racial, religious or ideological nature, except in the case these issues have direct negative impact on access to the provision of a quality Education For All service.

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